Thanks Hermione

I'm Margot I'm a gurl and I have no idea wtf I'm doing with my life. Often found crying in a puddle of my own blog/ Gave my right arm to touch Richard Armitage's beard but somehow he didn't keep his end of the deal/ Profoundly sorry about most aspects of my life/ Responsible adult human (lol nope jk)/ I tend to give things my walrus of approval A+++ 5/5 stars would recommend

Currently obsessing over: Game Grumps, Pokemon (i'm playing for the first time of my life) and WWE wrestling shenanigans. I shit you not.

Also to be found: Harry Potter, Star Trek, Marvel, Doctor Who, Star Wars, Anime classics (Sakura, Cowboy Bebop, more to follow), Sleepy Hollow, BBC Sherlock, Avengers, Batman, BBC Robin Hood and the occasional text post about things that I feel I should share (jk most of the time it's stuff that no1currs about)

"Margot doesn’t always give a fuck, but when she does we never hear the end of it" -Cloe (THANK FRIEND)

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